Sunday Spotlights: CHANCE FISCHER

Chance Fischer, Richmond VA


SoHHL recently got a chance to chat with Chance Fischer after his performance at the College of William and Mary.

So you have a lot of “Turn Up” content, but you also have conscious shit. How can you do both well without being contradictory?

“I hate the term conscious. To say something is conscious means you’re calling everything else that is out there unconscious. All music is conscious to an extent. I think people miss substance. I could be high as hell but still show up to a protest and be angry and very much literate. Just because I talk about drugs or girls in some songs doesn’t mean it has to be mutually exclusive.

I think people want to see humans as one way when we aren’t. We’re multi-faceted, we’re multi-dimensional, and I think we limit ourselves. That’s how we end up being caught in a job we don’t like or bein like I’m gonna do this next or I’m gonna be this thing or trying to live up to whatever their parents told them to be because they never embraced the fact that they are multi-dimensional.

So somedays I be hype as shit and I want to say a few things and sometimes I really need to sit down and say what’s on my chest. A lot of my records are tongue in cheek, you think its about some turnin up crazy shit but its like nah I’m pissed like my man really did just get shot and we turnin up but we don’t feel good about it. It’s just the only way we know how to respond.

Forreal I lost 6 people this summer, I can’t sit around and be glum about it. I gotta constantly keep movin because I just stay stagnant then I’ll die to. There’s no point in that.” – Chance Fischer

Peep the rest of the interview and some of Chance’s tracks below.

Mugani Ace aka (ANTI)

untitledOriginally from Queens , NY , Ace discovered his passion for music at a young age by just writing poetry and listening to his favorite artists. As he got older, he started writing lyrics in his spare time and took an interest in drawing as well. He always did well in school, but also found himself hanging with the wrong crowds and making bad choices early on in life.

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Police State

Remember as you vote that saying you support “law and order” means that you encourage the Prison Industrial Complex, the school-to-prison pipeline, systemic racism, and the consistent and deliberate stripping of rights from a disproportionate amount of black Americans.



Age: 19

Where are you from? Fulton Neighborhood, Richmond, Va

How would you describe your style of production?

I would describe my style of production as something nobody ever heard. I make fast beats that, use off the wall melodies with trap style drums. I make music to make people jump.

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Q. Religion

qreligionName: Quimirr Heyward AKA “Q.Realigion”

Age: 19

Where are you from? Born in Plainfield, New Jersey. Moved to Richmond, Virginia when I was two years old.

How does where you’re from inspire my music? Where I’m from inspires my music because it forces me to want to be different. A lot of people, particularly in the Richmond area, and more so down south, gravitate to the street/ gangster rap scene. I, on the other hand, emphasize more so on lyrical content and the true essence of songwriting and feelings.

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20160907_141631Age: 26

Where you from? South Boston, Va

How does where you’re from inspire your music?

It gave me the blues.

Why do you do this?

Because my music is all I have. If not this, then what? I mean the game chose me and I would be a coward to run from a challenge. And another reason is because I can actually do this!

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Caleb Ortiz

caleb ortizAge: 20

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia (I was born in Los Angeles and Stayed in Fort Worth, TX for awhile, but RVA will always be my home)

How does where you’re from inspire your music?

RVA to me is like an untapped cultural gold mine. There’s amazing art in every aspect: Murals, indie music, original clothing, photography, you name it.
The people of RVA are begging for something big to happen so that they can hold on to it and find something to be proud of.
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